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Simple, affordable & powerful cybersecurity for your growing business

Cyberthreats are already complicated, and the last thing businesses need is cybersecurity that’s complicated too. Our easy-to-use business antivirus solutions provide strong protection against a wide variety of cybersecurity threats so that you can worry less and focus more on your business.

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From endpoint protection and server antivirus, to USB protection and patch management, there are many elements that are required to ensure that your business has protection. Compare our small business cybersecurity solutions so you can choose the level of protection that works best for your business.


Businesses need to constantly monitor for security blind spots to help keep their devices and networks safe, making effective antivirus software (combined with best practices) essential for helping prevent malware, which could result in data breaches and other forms of malicious activity.
Common attack types include:

Adware presents the victim with a huge amount of adverts and pop-ups. Not only is this frustrating, but adware could also download apps without permission and track or record the user’s online activity.
Trojan malware disguises itself as something legitimate, such as a spreadsheet file or .zip folder, to sneak onto your network. Once there, it will run the malware it has been concealing.
Phishing attacks trick the user into believing that malicious communications are actually legitimate by manipulating the victim to either download infected files, or share sensitive information. Antivirus can scan email attachments and links to help identify and remove suspicious files.
Spyware is a threat that can be difficult to spot. Its goal is to sneak into a network undetected to capture information – from logging everything that is typed to capturing browsing history or recording conversations.
Ransomware is considered one of the largest threats to business cybersecurity. It will silently enter a network, identify important files and encrypt them. Only then will it reveal itself, in the form of a ransom note. While backing up regularly will allow for these files to be recovered, Avast antivirus solutions can also help stop the attack from happening.

In addition to these cyberthreats, Avast Business cybersecurity solutions can help protect against botnetszero-day attacks and SQL injection.
Find out more about cybersecurity and common threats in our article “What is Cybersecurity?

What is the difference between personal and business antivirus software?

While both types of antivirus are used to help prevent cyberattacks, there are significant differences between the software used for personal antivirus and commercial antivirus.

Personal cybersecurity focuses on protecting individual devices, while business antivirus must protect a company’s network – where individual devices are referred to as endpoints.

To operate in this way, business security requires an additional level of patch management and tools for monitoring and helping protect multiple devices, as well as cloud and server security.

For personal protection, check out Avast Free Antivirus.

Advanced cybersecurity supported by three decades of innovation

Avast is founded on cybersecurity talent and big data. With half of our staff in R&D, we drive innovation to ensure best-in-class security solutions. Our next-gen security engine uses behavioral detection, cloud-based machine-learning, and signature-based detection to deliver protection that works hard to help keep your business safe so that you don’t have to.

The result is antivirus solutions and firewall software for business that bring next-gen endpoint protection and next-gen cybersecurity solutions to your business.

Why Avast?

Easy to use
Our solutions are built to help protect small businesses with no IT skills required. Plus, our security will help keep you covered as your business grows.
Our cybersecurity solutions are backed by years of experience and awards. Secure your business with our antivirus software for small offices.
Get online protection that gives you the comprehensive security you need without breaking the budget.
Our selection of cybersecurity solutions (Avast Essential Business Security, Avast Premium Business Security, Avast Ultimate Business Security) provides security you can trust – from home offices to small businesses with 100 devices.

System requirements

All you need is a PC with Windows 7 (Service Pack 1), 8, 8.1, 10 (Pro, Education, Enterprise, CB, CBB, LTSB) or MacOS 10.9 (Mavericks or later with at least 500 MB of free disk space.). An Internet connection is also required for automatic security updates.

We also support Windows Server (64-bit version) 2019 (excl. Server Core Edition), 2016, 2012, 2008 R2 (latest Service Pack), Microsoft Exchange Server (64-bit version) 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 (Service Pack 2) and Microsoft SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and higher.

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Avast Ultimate

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Get true privacy with a click — even on unsecured or public Wi-Fi.
Clean out junk for more storage space and faster performance.
Stop snoops from tracking you — disguise your online identity with a click.

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